The company is eight years old and based in USA. Now on Saturday, May 2, 2020 launching MLM memberships. Experienced networking staff and leadership makes that a success. We are open to not only the USA but also Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Additional global outlets are continuing to roll out.

The pay plan is a binary with weekly pay outs. Most use direct deposits or checks can be mailed. Commissions on sales of products range from 10% to 40% plus monthly bonuses are available. JOIN NOW just $39.95 in USA or $43.94 in Canada includes products, a $40 value !

Products are a wide selection of health, wellness, sport, weight loss and management as well as items for pets. New products have been coming out about every 2 to 4 months keeping interests high with re-orders.

team leg mlm network marketing

Company also offers: * discounts and sales on products * travel bonuses * product samples * year round training via on line, tele conferences, conventions, printed material and videos